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Donate to Educate

You cannot travel to Africa without wanting to help people, to find ways to give back, and make some sort of a lasting change in people's lives. Africa has so much to offer travelers but it's almost impossible not to be confronted with the difficult social and environmental issues. 

While we can't help everyone on our trip, we would like to start by funding Happy Milimbo's high school education. Happy approached us while we were on the lake in Cape McClear, Malawi. Happy is seventeen and has 3 years left of High School. For the past few months, Happy has been unable to attend school as his stepfather is unemployed and being the oldest of six children Happy has to help support the family and find his own money for school tuition.  We visited Happy's school and met with his principal to pay the next term's tuition MWK 30,000 / CAD 25 / USD 18 / €17. 


We are committed to adding purpose to our travel journey by making a small positive change in Africa.


We aim to make a lasting impact on people's lives through educational support which we hope will go hand-in-hand with propelling future environmental change 

Focused on education as a catalyst for change, our initial efforts involve supporting individuals like Happy Milimbo in Cape McClear, Malawi. By funding high school education and empowering individuals to shape their destinies, we aspire to create a ripple effect of sustainable change.

Our Commitment

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