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Lost, But Loving It: find us if you can...
Or Just Follow along for the adventure!


O hello there!

Welcome to our site, where we've tried to capture what overlanding in Africa can be like! We've included details about our Land Rover Defender, the Kalahari Ferrari, and the places we've traveled to. To keep things real and extra saucy, I've included stories on the ups and downs of long-term travel! 

Hopefully this site can be a helpful resource and potentially guide you on your future travels! 

a little bit about us

Exploring the World

Hey there, we're Sean and Alyssa, and we're gearing up to take you on a wild expedition across Africa. But before we plunge into this adventure, you're probably curious about how this seemingly “vanilla” couple wound up on this incredible journey. Allow us to share our story.

First. meet Sean, the charismatic Irishman and born hustler. Sean is a firm believer in the "work hard, play harder" mantra. As the life of the party Sean always make sure that everyone is looked after and having a great time!


And then there's Alyssa, the spirited South African firecracker. Her wild heart has had her globe-trotting since the tender age of 21. While she has a profound love for travel and the great outdoors, her true passion lies in connecting with people and making a positive impact on the world.


We met in Vancouver, Canada, where we connected over unfiltered communication, our shared sense of adventure, and our love for the outdoors. 


For a whole year, we made the most of our time in the Northern Hemisphere, hiking, camping, and just living our best lives. Until it was time for a change, we both had our 30th birthdays at the end of 2022, when we realized that settling down just wasn't in the cards for us, just yet. We needed one more grand adventure, something truly epic. And what could be grander than embarking on a daring journey into the unknown?

So here we are, Sean and Alyssa, ready to hit the road. Our bags are packed, and our trusty companion, the Kalahari Ferrari, a.k.a. our Defender, is revved up. We’re about to explore the incredible landscapes and cultures of Africa. Join us on this unforgettable journey, full of laughter, excitement, and hair-raising moments.


a few pictures from our travels

Trying to fall in love with the journey! Overlanding in Africa is not for the faint-hearted but it does make for some pretty incredible photos!

some travel tips, tricks and a little light reading

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